19 Nov 2017 – Greatness

Please, can someone tell me what men mean in these dark days by ‘greatness’?

Is this some silver sporting trophy nations lose by showing mercy?

Maybe it’s the self-esteem that bullies drink from fear-filled eyes?

Can it be counted by the notches cut in belts of pedophiles?

Our sacred cooked accounting books declare the rich alone are righteous!

Wealth and power feeding, that’s a far more fearful threat than Kim-shi’s missiles!

Wouldn’t it be great if everybody had a job and didn’t have to keep their eyes fixed on their rear-view mirrors?

When mixed-breed puppy-peoples bark about the ragged races, is that it?

Behold my beef-stew blood and pork-rind pedigree – why not exult?

Nomadic air-force offspring, how can any single zip-code Whoville hold me?

Greatness sends the sun and rains to wash and feed the least deserving lands!