10 Aug 2017 – The Olde Foole meditates on the mornin’ news

Butterfly scat and the dandruff off sparrows,
You think I’m twisted? I’m straight as an arrow,
good as gold plunked on the head of a barrel.
Friendly as hell, though a tiny bit feral….

Rusted guitar strings from holes in my fingers.
Testing my glucose leaves smears that malinger.
Bullies trade taunts and blow blustering anger,
arms-makers stocks soar as they swing their bangers.

Alkali-earth metals gleam on my salads –
that’s where I find me the strength to sing ballads!
Wee little Willie built big, scary phallus,
to threaten the world with plutonium malice!

Ponytail NiCad my strength – just like Samson!
I wasn’t ready to glow, I kept dancin’!
Pleasure battalions, and single-malt salmon –
that Visa bill’s why there’s always a famine….