I wonder how many unlikes I can get with this? If you disagree and need to believe I’m a warmonger for saying this, please let me be of service. I just don’t think doing the same thing, over and over again will ever get us different results….

09 Aug 2017 – Sonnet

(North Korea)

Predictably, as though it weren’t too late,

the echo chambers scream “negotiate!”

We’re crazy if we hope those nuts will bow!

Why think we’ll get a different outcome now –

now they have the button of their dreams,

and have the whack to back mad, slobbered screams

with genocide, and rivers raw with gore?

You see, that’s something no sane man ignores!

“Negotiate!” they cry, and had I hope,

I’d join the chorus, but why be a dope,

since every time we’ve acted in good faith

they’ve lied and now the world grows more unsafe.

They want a war! They’ve worked for forty years,

and every time they speak, they make that clear!