Written in a McDonald’s parking lot during a downpour

08 Jul 2017 – Song: Off-Road Blues

Yor Mama cut the ruts right
once yor Daddy paved yor soul,
but you kept pullin’ to the left –
won’t do as you been told!

   I just love my off-road lady!
   It’s time to blow these narrow streets!
   I never cared for traffic lights –
   let’s head out to the weeds!

Yor tires bald as bagels,
and they ain’t long for this world.
Yor springs are shot to holy hell –
my way-off-center girl!

Yor engine light’s been toasted,
but yor back-end’s nice and tight.
You broke free of yor timin’ chain –
yor steerin’ just ain’t right.