25 May 2017 – The Procrustus Prescription

Two cacophonous voices!
Lawd, you’d better listen well!
Aren’t these two lovely choices?
Either sends us straight to hell!

Two poison pill prescriptions –
barkers flog them every night.
Don’t mock these mock conniptions –
all are spoiling for a fight!

“Let the lazy slackers die!” –
comes in bright and bloody red,
labelled with the same old lie:
“worthless folks are best off dead!”

Maybe you like blue-blood blue?
“Best listen to your betters!
Bread and Circuses? Your due –
just wear Big Brother’s fetters!”

Mercy! What an aftertaste!
The Hill’s full up with weasels!
Either cure will lay to waste
the land, both cures are lethal!