12 Feb 2017 – Song: Sing On!

Lonely fool, you forged yourself a poet.
You prayed a world would love you for your lines –
certain it would want you and would show it.
You silly fool, the years proved you were wrong!

   Sing On! Sing On!
   The song was never wrong!
   Let moonlight on the water
     be your footlights!

   Sing On! Sing On!
   Cicadas sing along!
   The stars above will surely
     run your spotlights!

Some people wave a gun to get attention.
Some take to Twitter, spewing pride and hate.
Others can’t win honorable mention –
unseen, unheard, too early, or too late.


You don’t have sense to stop what gives you joy,
and maybe this is all you need to learn:
blossoms don’t need anyone to watch, boy –
and love ain’t love if it’s the kind you earn.