28 Dec 2016 – Sonnet: “Build a Wall!”
  (to the parents of the 7th grade class at
   Royal Oak Middle School, Royal Oak, Michigan

It seems your kids have learned their lessons well,
repeating what they’ve heard their elders yell,
and now you’re mad that someone spilled the beans,
and shown just what you are: debased! obscene!
Are we supposed to smile, say “kids are kids?”
“They say outrageous things, but there’s no harm?”
They learned from YOU what decent folk forbid
their children from repeating. Great alarm
should fill the land to watch what’s in your souls!
Indeed! Let’s build that wall – and close you in,
lest you infect us with your precious foals,
duplicitously garbed in faux chagrin.
Another generation spawned in hate.
Another wasted chance – again good waits.