28 Dec 2016 – No Shades of Gray

Only Keith Richards (and maybe the roaches)
will prosper next year once The Donald’s crowned King.
Death’s got his taxi’s lined up like black coaches,
now that the arms race is back in full swing.

!Madre! Hey hombre, just who IS this wall for?
If things get TOO “Great” can I still run away?
Gringo pendejos don’t want us here no more –
I don’t know my own land now jackasses bray!

Runaway mine train, our slop jars keep sloshing,
coating us all, and the vilest of visions:
Sieg Heiling – Kellyanne’s latest brainwashings,
angry at hearing the whole world’s derision!

“New Wolves for Old” – yet they’re still dressed like lambkins
and still saying Grace as they fall on their prey.
AntiChrists rising with Right Wingers’ backing,
there’s nothing now hidden – there’s no shades of gray.