11 Dec 2016 – Sonnet
(Slouching towards Inauguration)

Another foul-mouthed fool steps forth (and not the worst)
to swear another false oath on a leather book,
and mock the god he swears by – he won’t be the first!
Each one of them perdition’s son. Each one a crook,
a murderer, a liar, and a scheming thief;
a Tyrant who pretends he serves The People’s weal,
and spies on fellow countrymen who bring him grief
by standing to condemn his striking devil’s deals.
A lethal dose of liberty, and what a choice!
Each day both sides pure perfidy shines worse and worse.
Two Mafioso crime machines give you a voice,
and you decide which you’ll endorse and which you’ll curse.
It’s always been this bad, it’s just you never knew –
and that was your defense. But now, my friends, you do!