To ALL of the intelligent, articulate, empowered women I know!

30 Nov 2016 – Sonnet

She’s such a lovely woman! What a mind!
I gasp for breath to think that she’s defined
by how she looks, or how she does her hair!
One flash of insight – you won’t even care –
and laugh out loud at louts who lounge and watch
her hind end only, thinking with their crotch!
This is a woman! Powerful and Free,
but apes still gibber, swinging in their trees!
To them a coconut, to me a Queen:
articulate, a thoughtful, stately mien.
To them she’s but another hole to screw.
In truth they’re quite unfit to kiss her shoes.
Men tripping on their schlongs just show they’re blind!
Their swinging dongles double as their minds!