27 Nov 2016 – Ghazal

Welcome to a brand new world that sanctions screeds and hatred!
Marching orders froth and foam with baneful meads of hatred!

Holes in Heaven roast our brains, the Ozone Warriors billet
flat-Earth boardrooms. “What is Truth?” Deniers pleading hatred.

Man plays God as God looks on, the thread of life unraveled.
Modified for greater yield, we scatter seeds of hatred.

Pack mules faint beneath their loads as Wall Street screams in fury!
‘Great Again’ means nothing more than grifter’s greed and hatred.

Democracy – a doomed conceit, denounced by demagogues!
Oligarchs regain control to meet the needs of hatred.

Chill winds whip the Standing Stones, oath-breakers back in power.
Boasting in subservience, brown-shirted reeds of power.

Foole! You never did believe YOUR street could sluice such madness.
Four Horsemen fill the starting gate, mounting steeds of hatred.