22 Nov 2016 – Sonnet
  (for Paula O.)

A seagull, flying in from out of town,
glides in and dazzles peasants with the way
he skims the water. Local staff all frown
but why should he care? They still have to stay
and listen to the squaking of this twit –
and there’s a lot to listen to! He’s stuffed!
Last quarter’s numbers made the chairman sh*t
and he delivers – as he huffs and puffs!
So now we’re queued up, smiling faces bob.
Another self-important bird-brain lands.
He waits for us to justify our jobs,
sweet Pharaoh’s bullwhip hanging from his hand.
“Ain’t this the greatest place on Earth to work?”
They ask and ask, but they don’t listen. Jerks!