21 Nov 2016 – Welcoming the Christmas Spirit

Rudolf and Rude-On!
The drivers get nastier!
THAT Christmas spirit’s
the one that the Angels hushed –
“Peace On Earth” singing –
it ain’t at the shopping malls!

Blitzen and Blitzkreig!
“Let’s get in and out of here!”
Thousands and thousands
have all got the same idea –
pushing and shoving,
it’s Darwin and Santa Claus!

Vixen! Vexation!
Who knows now who’s packin’ heat?
Out of breath, heaving,
mad dash with your packages,
dodging the Dancers
and Prancers in four-wheel drives.

Cupid! Cupidity!
Greed-green’s the brand new black!
Love weighed in carats
you bought with your heart attack!
Santa Claus warned us:
Dash away! Dash away all!