20 Nov 2016 – Song: Pain

Got my new barns built –
I’m feelin’ all right!
Kill the fatted calf –
let’s get down tonight!
Man, ain’t you the dude
down on the corner,
shakin’ down the streets
with all them donors?

I can feel your pain!
I feel your sorrow!
My nest-egg’s still thin –
come back tomorrow.

I toss my junk down
donation boxes.
Fling my own loose change
to sexy foxes
dressed up like the elves
with them bells ringin’
“Hark the herald cats
those bargains bringin’!”


Time to hit the hay,
the future’s rosey!
Got my fat barns filled,
real nice and cozy!
Someday when I’m rich
I can feed the poor!
You hear that knockin’?
Someone get the door!