19 Nov 2016 – Five Penitential Tanka

Your righteous anger
aimed at all, except yourself?
Your hands, undirtied –
the beneficiary
of the sweatshops and the mines?

Curved thighs of cattle
strut the sidewalk – just for you,
and your inspection.
Blowup sex dolls without souls –
or are their eyes your mirror?

Sing Hallelujah!
Tell yourself you’re not like them,
but God’s spoilt favorite!
What does ‘color-blindness’ mean?
You’re bloodstained – but can’t see it.

A time for weeping.
Stop your flinging jagged stones –
this is Your judgment!
Every gainsaid guilty plea
means this goes on forever.

You speak of sorrow.
Can you hold this in your heart?
Do you still have one?
Christ descended from his throne –
can you do likewise, white-child?