18 Nov 2016 – The One-Percenter Pledges Allegiance

The path to greatness always points straight down –
down through the nasty, roughest parts of town,
where one-percenters staff their loan-shark shacks
with debt-collectors, turning cranks on racks.

Now freedom means “I’m free to rape the herds!
To hold me back is Socialist! Absurd!
I’ve bought my congress! Write the laws I need
to fill my coffers, quench my boundless greed!

God curse your health care! Curse your public schools!
God curse your bleeding hearts – disgusting fools!
God curse your taxes, I won’t pay a cent!
Off-shore, I’ll have the cops collect your rent!”

So there you have it folks, they’re still in charge!
You thought to beat them back? They’re now enlarged!
With guns and nothing else – you’ll eat your friends,
and prey on one another, just not them.