16 Nov 2016 – Sonnet

“My Way or the Highway” – for two decades!
We’ve gloried in “The Rule of Law” – yet Law
itself lies broken by the cavalcade
of fools who’ve cut her down with jackass jaws.
Two packs of dogs, and each one thinks they’re saints!
Two evil broods, two kettles screaming ‘black! –
for thus in starkest terms we love to paint
the souls of all who disagree – our racks
kept groaning as we pull Truth limb from limb!
If Truth still matters, and it’s worth the fight,
don’t twist it to confirm your ego’s whims,
and stop pretending bigotries are “rights!”
“Is God on Our Side?” someone once asked Abe.
“Are WE on God’s Side?” he was said to say.