14 Nov 2016 – Climate Change

What have we in common but the howling hate,
the roiling mass of excrement set spinning,
oozing over curbs and coating passersby –
shoes strolling down the sidewalks of this city
fashioned out of wires, words, and telephones?

Constant conversation, it’s become our fate.
Our patience and compassion ever thinning,
soiled in public forums turned to filthy sties.
We’re black holes, mocking every thought of pity,
eat the flesh of strangers – then we suck their bones.

Can we cool this climate? Will the rage abate?
Deniers shrug it off. Why care? Their side is winning.
Nothing makes us laugh more than to hear the cries
of losers! We’ll form vigilance committees – 
put ’em in their places with our laws of stone.