12 Nob 2016 – Song: BOHICA!

Okay, so now the world’s has tilted right!
And they’ve declared the world is male and white!
The Klan is breaking out their party hats!
Apartheid – that’s where everybody’s at!

Sing BOHICA if you’re feeling sad and blue!
BOHICA! It’s the patriotic thing to do!
You were doomed to meet the pruner,
so now he’s coming sooner!
Sing BOHICA, carted to your doom!

The French say ‘give back lady liberty!’
And we say ‘what the fuck, that’s fine with me!’
‘We hate you froggies, we’ll eat Freedom Fries,
and roll red-blooded down here in our sty!’


Our latest test results have got you down?
The nation spoke – and made a farting sound?
You can’t make maggots love their fellow man,
until they’ve eaten them! Strike up the band!



• BOHICA, pronounced ‘bo-HE-ka’, late 20th century American English acronym for ‘Bend Over, Here It Comes Again’