10 Nov 2016 – Song: Trickle-Down
(WWWS ‘What Would Woody Sing’?)

They’ve set a bucket on my head,
‘cuz now the whole damned world’s turned red.
That yellow rain is fallin’ down,
my zinc pail makes a whining sound.

The Trickle Down, they said to me,
will surely set you suckers free!
Be patient while I aim this hose,
I love to watch you come to blows!

It kinda looked like beer at first,
I thought ‘hey, this could quench my thirst!’
So sudsy as it washed my face,
I found it lacking to my taste!


Now you might call me ‘damned ingrate’
and say my song is filled with hate,
but someday we’ll just see, my friend,
how well you like the drinkin’ end.