Thinking a lot about the subject of alienation right now. For me – as I suspect happened for many – it began in my school days. While not everyone in my high school was a racist bigot or xenophobe, the culture there was definitely toxic….

10 Nov 2016 – For My Old High School

The most important thing I learned in school
was that the ‘in-crowd’ never found me cool.
Too much I’d seen already, far and wide.
No easy ethnic enclave left to hide.

They waved the battle flag, ‘ol dixie sang.
I wasn’t white enough to join the gang!
How could I be, my soul was black, and brown,
and red, and yellow – room to go around?

I thank you now. I learned to stand my ground –
not give a damn for you who stood around
and mocked me since I wasn’t just like you
who now so willingly go join hell’s queue.