I supported Bernie Sanders in the primary, as unelectable as he might’ve been, because I – like most people – am sick to death of the status quo. But I ended up voting for HRC because handing someone as thin-skinned, vindictive, and capricious as Donald Trump the nuclear codes was unthinkable.

Now, the most terrifying of scenarios has fallen upon us!

If it offends you for me to say these things, kindly cease following this blog right NOW! Spare yourself and don’t wait!

I have never been so frightened in my 61 years of life (a negative consequence of studying history), and I REFUSE TO BE CENSORED!


10 Nov 2016 – Dark Vision

J. Edgar Comey of the KGB
(oh yes, excuse me, that’s the FBI!)
sits waiting ’til instructions are received.
The Donald has his foes, so say goodbye
to awkward obstacles like Rule of Law,
since he himself needs haste, not hesitation,
to duck his racketeering charges, fraud,
and other inconvenient litigation.
And that’s where Mr. Comey’s plays his part,
‘cuz once you jail a sitting judge or two,
the rest recuse themselves – besides, it’s smart
to keep Steve Bannon’s brown-shirts out of view.