02 Nov 2016 – Sonnet
(Nostradamus Speaks!)

“And in those days that politicians dread,
when all must answer for their crimes of state,
and spew each lie that passes through their heads,
and beg a bigger pie-slice for their plates,
Great Pumpkin’s haunted hairdo takes the stage,
to teach the watching world the worth of truth,
and fanning flames of pistol-packer’s rage –
an opportunist – rude, profane, uncouth.
Rash, running torrents shall his pinhead puke,
confounding pundits, pollsters, party hacks,
who call each win a one-off, and a fluke –
while pissed-off peoples press him to attack.
This wrecking ball will fail, as all fools do,
but men will wake and weep, and such words rue!”