24 Oct 2016 – Wedding Meditation

The organ-grinder plies his well-honed wares
(the service starting half an hour late).
That’s life among the Greek, since no one cares
about the clock – the clock can damn-well wait –

it’s party time, and who’s to say they’re wrong?
Tomorrow will be Monday, Adam’s Curse
come ’round again as punch clocks sing their songs.
Don’t think of that, since Sunday gets here first!

A wedding! First for both of them! Hot damn!
High time, I’d say, since both are “past their prime” –
an overrated rating – salesman’s scam,
depreciating all before their time.

Time was a boy grew up and there was time
to be a husband, father, and a man.
But now we worship youth as though divine,
the actuaries betting, dice in hand.

I’d planned to die by forty, I’d no clue
that life could be a sheath and not a knife –
that age itself could prove to be the glue
to bind these broken shards into a life.