28 Sep 2016 – Awe

It weren’t the paperbacks, but bras –
and who they held – that brought me awe,
and now I’m here to say it, son:
I loved those women – every one!

I’d tremble as my hands unsnapped
and spilled them like a gift unwrapped.
They whispered, and I came when called!
I loved those women – one and all!

Some men are beasts who ogle bulk,
and who can’t spot such furtive skulks?
But in each bloom I took delight,
my rapture none failed to incite!

I once was young, and now I’m old,
perhaps discreet, (though no less bold)
but still I stroll these rose-strewn streets
and take delight, for all are sweet!

What age and Newton’s Laws decree
must come to past, but I won’t grieve,
for Time must work to ripen fruit.
I loved them all – let none refute!