29 Aug 2016a – Booby Prize

They hold their breaths throughout the seventh grade
and pray their navels end up in the shade.
One day a good girl – absolutely flat,
next day she’s purring like an alley-cat.

They say cruel Estrogen’s a fickle queen,
her gifts are high, some low, some in between.
How good it is to win the Booby prize.
Her mom bought her a bra that’s supersized!

Just watch those adolescent titties jut!
She’ll take ’em to the shopping mall to strut!
She’s thirteen – or at most – fourteen years old.
Our angel’s now a devil – brazen! bold!

Fate rolls her loaded dice, some lose, some win.
Since cities spurn the brain and favor skin,
she’s now lost any need to stay in school –
she’ll hookup with some stupid, fellow-fool.