25 Aug 2016 – On the Bad Side of this River of Stars

Cold stars colliding in an alleyway –
when someone’s watching they don’t act this way.
Their cudgels ready – though I can’t say why,
is this the real way constellations die?

Best hide your wallet when you head downtown,
there’s always some damned wand’ring star around.
Down by the docks, I hear, with dreams to sell,
or in the lobby of the Stardust Hotel.

I never noticed you had stars in your eyes!
I stayed preoccupied with smooth, shapely thighs.
But now you’re smilin’ with that gun by your side,
someday you’ll be a star with your cratered hide.

Another shower out of Pleiades?
You better watch ’em – all their fingers are greased!
These gals are pros – they sure can work a room,
you’ll never notice ’til you wake at noon.

Somebody tried to sell hot comet tail?
You’d better run, you can’t afford that bail!
No smoke and mirrors – here it’s fire and ice,
a hail of bullets, no one’s throwing rice.

I always kinda liked your slow-strutting style.
Just like an alley cat I watched for a while.
I ran away when nights turned nasty, you tart!
Glad I can inventory all of my parts.

The bathtub rings of Saturn grace the night,
you’ll never scrub ’em off yon corner light.
They keep the gate locked, you can have my key,
but set a timer so you wiggle free.

Cicadas singin’ for a bar room brawl,
jump for the asteroids with skinny molls.
You don’t belong here – best you head back home,
back to your orbit in the day lit dome.