I apologize if this offends anyone, but I see what I see…

13 Aug 2016 – Sonnet

Every nation, tongue and tribe demands its nigger.
A race of propped-up egos, shakey souls at best.
Life’s litmus test for losers – yeah, go figure.
A stone to stand on while they piss down all the rest.
Nazis need their Jews like Jews need Arab scapegoats.
Texans say that Arkansas’s the land of incest.
Nothing like somebody’s hide to sew your greatcoats.
Everyone proves putrid at the final inquest!
Such vile malignancy on each man’s genes inscribed!
All of us unfit for life in close-knit quarters.
A holocaust seethes quietly in every tribe:
sleeper cells, embedded, waiting further orders.
Don’t sing me songs of evolution’s glories!
Our histories tell such a different story!