08 Aug 2016 – Breathless

Now everybody’s breathless, waiting on the consumation –
one regulator’s blessing and we’ll mate these corporations!
The junk emails are flying, sent by those who stand to profit,
they’re telling us how great it’s gonna be – and we can’t stop it!

I shake my head in wonder at our brand new list of buzzwords –
the duly sanctioned language for the notes passed ‘twixt these lovebirds!
They’re talking celebrations! Everyone I know is betting
they’ve got their leeches hired for a bit of hard blood-letting.

They’ll feed us cake and ice cream, give us free rides in their tumbrel,
the joyous week will terminate with slowly tolling iron bells.
Yes,the rich will grow far richer while the poor grow poorer still,
and the groats begrudged to feedbags will be stirred into their swill.