I still remember punch cards…

05 Aug 2016 – Dinosaur Shuffle

We’re still smokin’ filter kings and standin’ in the swamp,
waitin’ on the meteor – that’s when the party stops.
Takin’ out small rodents, it’s the thunder-lizard stomp,
showin’ off our razor teeth until that big ball drops.

Mama said that rotgut’s gonna get us all and good –
we’ll be the best damned fossils that the future’s ever seen.
The water’s risin’ higher but we’ve outlived the woods,
you might call us survivors, it’s something in our genes.

There’s no silver bullet, kids, we’ve all seen that before.
We don’t care for your API, or walkin’ on two legs!
Open source is freeware and we all find that a bore,
and if you give it all away, best hit the streets and beg.