21 Jul 2016 – Song: Meditatin’

It’s okay, go right ahead and shave your head, friend,
Yule Brenner looked magnificent – it’s fine by me!
You tell me that you like to sit and practice Zen?
I say go ahead ‘cuz everyone here is free.

I got a meditation cushion of my own
a quiet place I run to when my mind’s been blown.
A bass boat on the river rockin’, rocking in the wind,
I think I understand – it’s somewhere we’ve both been.

People try to tell me where to go to find God,
frantic as a rabbit that the dogs have flushed out.
They ain’t found no peacefulness, strikes me kinda odd,
maybe all they’ve really done is upgraded their doubt.


Put away your smart phone, turn the radio off,
go down to the river, and the river will speak.
Go off by yourself and play a slow round of golf,
once you get alone you’ll hear that something you seek.