16 Jul 2016 – Christy Sheats

A good, gawd-fearin’ woman with her gun
decides she knows what’s best and has no doubts!
Shoots both her daughters – where could they have run?
But hey! That’s what her “Rights” are all about!

She guns them down in cold blood, goes inside
and takes her time reloading (nice work, mom!) –
since, as it turned out, one was still alive –
then comes back out and finishes the job!

And there they both lay, crumpled in the street,
and there she stands, it’s like she’s standing guard –
a hunter’s photo-op with fresh-slain meat,
before the cops kill her in her front yard.

Because she’s white, they speak of mental health –
and no one asks if that’s what Baptists teach.
A poster-child of middle-class white wealth,
nobody calls “jihadist” what THEY preach.

Premeditated murder. Truly sane.
Self-justified, a woman spurned, enraged.
A good, gawd-fearin’ woman. What we feign
plays on until the whole world calls it “staged”.