12 Jul 2016 – In Humble Thanks

O sister’s husband, you released me from the reins
and rode the trails yourself to bring delighted smiles.
What proved for me mere calls of disappointed pain,
for you were praise, and honor, not at all a trial.

The son they always wanted but they never had,
I utterly incapable of living up
to all the expectations that would make them glad
that DNA and culture set for this young pup.

A dreamer, learning early without being told
I must not disagree or mock the status quo,
and keeping silent was a gift of purest gold,
since birth brought obligations I was shown I owed.

A poet! Can there ever be a greater waste?
My warrior father wish for sons to make him proud.
The stars sent me instead, to him a great disgrace,
a disappointment worthy to be disavowed.

But you, O sister’s husband, you were all he wished:
no dreamer but a man of action, proud and strong!
A man’s man of the world, you hunted and you fished,
and made up for the thing I was that seemed so wrong.