19 Apr 2016 – Sonnet

The sace-cadet spews truth, it must taste funny in his mouth.
Cruz says he’s a Christian first – I hope like hell he means it.
Here direction matters – things get weird as one moves Southward,
Faith starts sprouting extra arms and legs in fevered mosh pits.
True believers know their passports never point back homeward,
‘cuz every State’s an idol, always acting like it’s God,
and you can spin a lifetime in the daily froth and foam,
yet never find your kingdom, never pierce the great facade.
The agitators everywhere scare up their new recruits.
Crisis after crisis hooks us to the nightly news.
When new rights get invented they fill streets with marching boots,
but most of us still struggle with a single pair of shoes.
So don’t confuse The Kingdom with the kingdoms of this world.
Just ask where your true home is when a brand new flag unfurls.