06 Apr 2016 – Trust the People

You told me “trust the people!”
“Which people?” I retorted,
having seen the lynch mobs rise,
the surreptitious liars
passing laws which bankrolls bought.

Say which people you might mean?
The poor? Downtrodden? Gutter
runners’ Democratic rage
consists of disappointed dreams
rich men wrapped in rags of smoke.

Or do you mean the barons,
driving herds of fellow men
straight forward to the railhead
stations serving slaughter yards,
mouthing righteous words of rot?

Or do you mean the hucksters
selling heaven’s stock to buy
their earthly mansions, sucking
sweat off those whose innocence
makes them suckers yet again?

Surely you don’t mean the men
who scoff at all and will not
raise their voices to a rant,
kicking smoke and dust to rock
the ship of state from silence?