for my young friend Travis, who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor

30 Mar 2016 – Ask, Seek, Knock

I was taught to ask, and keep on asking.
Can you articulate the wordless groans
life forces from the heart as if at gunpoint?
If not, dispense with words and let your cries
assail the ears you thought were deaf in heaven.

I was taught to seek, and keep on seeking.
How does a man identify his destination –
the heart the only map he has – a hole torn out
that he must try to match with each obsession,
comparing each to see if it’s what he has not?

I was taught to knock, and keep on knocking.
The cell door is the forehead of a tyrant.
The single-minded cruelty of the rich
becomes a coffin lid, unyielding – merciless!
Despair means you surrender hope to laws
of man and nature, making these your god.