19 Mar 2016 – March Madness

Are we the generation God decrees must die –
a forty year hiatus in the story line?
“Go wander in that desert till your bodies drop –
you’ve made your point completely with your endless yawp!
The rainbow means I’ve sworn to leave the water off –
go drown yourselves in hatred’s putrid feeding trough!”

The rain that causes grain to rise lifts up the swill
through sewage grates, the scent of which leaves sane men ill.
What once had sense enough to stay hid underground
now proudly shows itself on signs that march through town.
You tell me “this man says what everybody thinks?”
A two year old does too, does reason thereby shrink?

Some men say the world grows wiser, turn by turn.
I say that only fools believe a tarnished urn
can buff itself inside and out until it’s clean,
and hatred’s hibernation cycle mocks such dreams!
The high road leads you downward, far from pressing throngs,
its trail-head found at last when you admit you’re wrong!