06 Mar 2016 – Ghazal

Sheep they seemed to be, for slaughter, rushing to the barricades,
looking lovely as they stood there, gushing by the barricades!

Purple-footed people trampled down another great idea.
Wine vat gutters called us to that crushing at the barricades!

Catwalk flashbulbs! Flash bombs! Tear gas! Rubber bullets, anyone?
Freedom, you played hard to get there blushing on the barricades!

Drinking coffee at a street cafe, I felt my father pass,
even though two decades dead – brushed by to the barricades!

How easily you washed your hands – as if I were a bloodstain!
Dark-eyed with a darker soul, you flushed me through the barricades!

This old fool says better drink more coffee so you stay awake.
Shine your shoes, there’ll be another scuffing at the barricades!