Mama always told me “Son, if God ever gives the world an enema, Amarillo’s gonna be Ground Zero!” Turns out she was right….

13 Feb 2016 – Amarillo

Yes, Amarillo’s ground zero,
when God says “enema time!”
That dirty mouth keeps on starrin’,
lipsticked with sand storms and grime.
Yes, Amarillo’s ground zero –
that’s what my dear mama said,
and now I’ve seen for myself
why it should keep to itself
there in the land of the dead!

Some people talk about Houston
like it’s the chimney of Hell,
and others tell me that L.A.
has got a charm that repels.
But Amarillo’s ground zero,
it ain’t got no where to hide.
Them rattlesnakes call it home,
the people pinheaded gnomes,
dustbin of souls – bona fide!

Winds come to dance on the tundra
asphalted over for roads,
and tumbleweeds come for bowling
as all the topsoil erodes.
Yes, Amarillo’s ground zero,
my mama told me the truth!
My worthy pardon you beg?
You think I’m pulling your leg?
Their city council is proof!