2005/02/09 – The Unanticipated Torrent

Who is this dance which beckons?
Seeing myself
in between partners,
Yet the brim is no restraining shore
The unanticipated torrent – sweeping everything away!

Again – the dance who beckons –
And my feet are singing, even in my dreams!
My clothes are soaked
The wine has splashed away the tears!

I had only seen myself
in between partners,
Grieving over those departed,
Longing for the ones to come –
But NO!

Why every morning do I find
My socks are soaked and caked with sand?

Who is this dance which beckons?
Give me your hand!
Let all accountants, everywhere, depart –
Clinging to their matching handbags,
Give me a drunkard – falling down –
Incomprehensible, inappropriate,
Lost in Love beyond all calculation,
Estimation, expectation, bargain –
Give me a drunkard!
Negotiations are for enemies –
Let us be friends!
You have taken Love
And made it a den of thieves –

Who is this dance which beckons?
All my life long – since I was
A silent little boy –
In the stillness You came,
But I was busy!

Now I know there are no words
Which turn the common ore of heart to Gold.
O Yes! Mouth to mouth and thigh to thigh,
What word of power did I fail to utter
Night after night,
Awakening to find Lead prone beside me?

I had seen myself
in between partners…
But now the shell is broken!
Who is this dance which beckons?
Let the Lead be left behind!
The brim is no restraining shore
All the sacred vessels of the heart are washed away!