17 Dec 201d – Sonnet
(satellite radio)

Lofted high by butterflies of steel where stars sing.
Now, a free subscription, songs unheard for dogs years.
An Autumn day of falling rains hide tears they bring –
but I could always blame them on these souvenirs.
Love once unkind – in fact she proved a ceaseless shrew.
Incarcerated where all breathless beauty passed.
Elbows and acne, ackwardness nobody knew
or even wished to ’til the decades learned to dance.
Night taps her fingers here against a matching hardtop.
A lighted console answers to the evening rush.
The pavement glistens, stars can’t even seem to stop
ignoring bending limbs which softly whisper “hush!”
Sing on, relentless playlist, spinning through the night.
I know at dawn the sun will come to set things right.