Some days it’s harder than others to keep clinging to my idealism.

(For those of you not in New England, this is about the currently ongoing trial of a student who raped & murdered his math teacher.)

15 Dec 2015 – Philip Chism: A Meditation

We’ll spare his bacon.
We don’t execute such beasts.
We boast it’s “progress”.
Well, I guess it really is
(although I wonder)
and I really MUST confess
a lust for vengeance
when it comes to crap like this –
why waste the money
feeding him, locked in a cage,
for six more decades?

A blinding light fell.
I can still recall the day,
they off’ed that vermin
Timothy McVeigh, who died
still unrepentant,
snarling, just like the dog
uncured of rabies
that it seems he truly was –
and hardly human.
It was THAT day I perceived
all this solved nothing.

A little bastard
on a rape and murder spree
pulls out the “nuts” card,
thinking that will beat the rap.
How can his lawyers
look into unfeeling eyes
and be complicit?
Is it the money? Really?
Or simply willing
to be lied to by a boy
who forfeits mercy?

You DARE not free him.
No one in their level head
would take his chain off!
Any dog that’s killed a child
we’d not let wander
city streets while licking chops –
no one harbors thoughts
of rehabilitation,
we’d just put ’em down.
So either kill or cage him –
don’t say “not guilty”!