08 Dec 2015 – Acquisition

I’m layin’ low ’til the scythe passes over.
Keepin’ low profiles in green fields of clover.
Yesterday’s nuthin’ to greedy, rich bastards:
“keep doin’ everything, boy, but work faster!”

Sixty and counting, the snows are my skull cap.
Feed to the dogs – that’s “the package” for old chaps.
Fat men at feasts, they don’t even say “Thank You”,
fed full on the flesh of their workingman crews

I’ve never been one for carryin’ banners.
Never resented the lords of the manors,
but avarice eats ’em and takes us all with it –
re-writing contracts along with our obits.

Now we’re called “assets” – we’re no longer human,
nuthin’ for raises but business is boomin’!
Ah, money! A magic, insidious potion –
leavin’ men thirsty, like drinkin’ the ocean!