07 Dec 2015 – Policy

Now all of these folks are in over their heads,
they’re clueless and still fast asleep in their beds
of one size fits all – all are ideologues,
rabidly dragging us off to the dogs.

As Little Red Riding Hood heads down her path,
the Big Bad Wolf’s waiting to jump on her ass,
but nobody knows what the hell we should do,
and all that we’ve tried up to now left us screwed.

Rome showed the way – if we wanna be bosses –
line the worlds highways with blood-dripping crosses.
But that leaves us squeamish, we long for some way
much sweeting and kinder to make ’em obey.

So rave on, ye candidates, strut ye thy stuff,
until We The People say “Shut Up! Enough!”
Come threaten with cod-pieces, coax us with charms,
you’ll sing different songs once you’re nuclear armed.