24 Nov 2015 – County Jail

“Jesus Saves – But Not From Us”
they painted on the crusted bus
that comes up from the county jail
that even burly guards call “Hell”.

Got a man you’d like to break?
For this place that’s a piece of cake!
A grim machine that eats men whole
and splits the gristle from the soul.

Innocents abused, you fear?
They don’t sweat such small stuff here!
“Good judges sent ’em from their halls
and it’s our job to break their balls!”

“Just the trashiest of whites,
and those with skins as black as night,
and wetbacks end here, doin’ time –
no need to fear about our kind!”

This is justice, frontier-style,
and if you’re squeamish, meek and mild,
avert your eyes and don’t observe
the way the dish is truly served.