If Hobbits make up songs about bathing, tobacco & mushrooms, then I’ll betcha they sing about each other!

20 Nov 2015 – Hobbit Lovesong

The road runs down from my front door,
and leads to where cold brew is poured.
My walking stick points straight ahead,
that inn-keeps daughter I wil wed!

An Elvish queen is like a star,
too high to reach from where you are.
So far away the nights grow cold,
no comfort when the bones grow old.

But I’m a Hobbit, not an Elf,
and I delight in all the wealth
the world pours out here at my door
with love enough – why ask for more?

My Halfling queen is dimpled! Gay!
In simple cloaks she’s well-arrayed.
Well-fed and lively! Rosy-cheeked!
No far-off dream is this I seek!

Her breasts are apples, hanging low,
within this Halfling’s reach, I trow.
By root and branch, girl! Come! Let’s play!
I’ll make a home with you, someday.