Fitting, since we’re eating our way across Houston next week!

18 Nov 2015 – Sonnet

I couldn’t tell you just how many miles
of asphalt I’ve run underneath my wheels.
How many truck stops, greasy spoons – all vile –
how many happy-highway snack-pack deals
I’ve dealt with, coping with the afterburn,
the aftershocks, the afterglow, and all
good taste will gladly gloss right over! Learn
the hard way? Hard skulls call for sharpened awls,
and I’m the thickest student on the pike –
and back when I was mainly made of lead
I’d jolly damn-well eat just what I liked,
but now the open hearth’s been seared to shreds!
A little fresh ground pepper, miss? That’s fine.
The Reaper’s been “unfriended” – just in time.