08 Nov 2015 – Sonnet
(for Joel Trombley)

Forget the put-on! Fashion! What a farce!
That Cosmo rag has never had a clue!
What moves a real man’s soul is pretty sparse.
Yeah! Can they drive a stick? That’s who I’ll woo!
This ain’t no flea-mart bargain-table heart!
The trial shall be by Rabbit, hand rolled blue.
Let all the weak and powdered puffs depart!
Come slosh with me amid the floorboard slue!
This school of love has four well-rusted doors.
The clutch, the brake, the gas – come learn to dance
my kind of two-step, pedals to the floor!
You pass THIS test, you’re ready for romance!
What have I to do with fragile brides?
I need a gal with backbone by my side!