08 Nov 2015 – Rising

Pachyderm princes, preaching to proselytes:
“rich men are righteous, the rest of us sinners!”
Elephant anuses, speaking so easily,
woe to the wage-earners, weary of war-mongers!

Dithering donkey-skulls, destitude wit-hoards,
jackasses jowling, joshed ’til we’re jaundiced.
Ever so eager, eating the excess
but not stopping there, consuming the seed-corn.

Howling through hollows, hell-scented headwinds,
stripping the sorgum and sugarbeets clean.
Husks left for harvest, handsfull of nothing,
who’s gonna sell if there’s no one to buy?

Far from this foolishness, stout-hearted farmers,
laborous livings, now they are livid!
Instant ignition? Idiots jaw-boning!
“Whence comes this wildfire, weaving a wasteland?”

Leadership lost, locust and lobbyists
pillaging profits, pandering principles.
Raging now rising to ravage the rascal class,
laugh if you like but the free lunch is over.