03 Nov 2015 – Tidal Pools

These tidal pools talk to me.
Maybe there ARE meds for this,
some diagnosis – I say,
the deaf and blind are crazy,
what with earth and sea and sky’s
incessant blather all around.
You gotta keep both ears plugged
if you want to stay on track
with all that easy thinking –
both feet on the tabletop.

These tidal pools talk to me.
All my life the tides came in,
and I’d lie screaming, smothered
under all the grownup’s rage
and power. But then the moon –
her fickleness salvation –
tugged their leash and they’d withdraw,
leaving me empty, naked,
hosting unexpected guests
who brought their seagulls with them.

These tidal pools talk to me.
I’ve heard God sees our lifetime
like a lightning flash. A day,
for children, lasts a thousand
years – a curse we lucky ones
outgrow and learn to see the wash
of time itself is temporal,
more easily endured,
having learned to watch and wait,
knowing now is not forever.